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Vaishali's Story: Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship.

Under Project Laadli, we dedicated our support to women like Ms. Vaishali Mhatre who reside in Village Khardi Diva Shilphata, Dist- Thane, Maharashtra.

In her journey to start a small business, earn a living, and support her family, she enrolled herself in basic and advanced stitching courses as she aimed to open her own boutique from home and generate income.

Her family includes her mother, a housewife, her father who is blind and sells small items in the local train, and a sister.

Recognizing her potential, we provided Ms. Vaishali with a sewing machine to kickstart her entrepreneurial journey, along with training on how to manage this business. With this simple yet powerful tool, she embarked on her venture into the world of tailoring, creating beautiful garments and accessories.

Through the sewing machine, she gained not only a means of livelihood but also a sense of empowerment and independence.

As we celebrate the success of Ms. Vaishali and others like her, let us continue to support and champion women's entrepreneurship, for it is through their empowerment that we build a better tomorrow.

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