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Pagaria Welfare Foundation is  a Mumbai based Indian not-for-profit organization registered as a section 8 of The Companies Act 2013 in India started in 2019 and is led by Vaidhei Pagaria and has projects accross India for education , health & development .

It is an initiative of like minded people and various well wishers who believe in , "Goodness is the only investment that succeds "and at Pagaria welfare foundation we believe  in doing good . Be it big or small good efforts will always make a difference .

Small acts of kindness shall bring small changes but the impact is very significant .

A man's true wealth is the goodness he contributes to this world

Our Mission

Pagaria Welfare Foundation aims to  to provide , guide , educate and create awareness about social issues . It aims to help  people of different strata of the society to make , develop , build ,support and promote social welfare in areas of Education , Health & Development by networking with various related agencies and supporting them with all  necessary aids and guidance.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Sach Kare Sapne !
Dreams in Life &  Smiles on Faces !
Every one has a dream and we shall help people realize and fulfill their dream by providing literacy  skills and social development  and make a difference in this world .


The Income Tax Act 1961 : Permanent Account Number : PAN : AAKCP6260C


Corporate Identity Number CIN : U85300MH2019NPL327123


Niti Ayog : NGO Darpan : Unique ID : MH/2020/0251924

80 G & 12 A

80 G Exemption Certificate No: ITBA/EXM/S/80 G/2020- 21/1028486418( 1) dated 04-11-2020

Make a Donation now ! You may change lives forever !

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