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In a country like India, where menstruation is still considered as a taboo. Even in 2023 
If you go to buy menstrual hygiene devices they wrap it like it’s something not to be seen or spoken about. This prevents women from talking about periods openly. Especially, rural women. There are places in our country where women still use clothes, mud, ashes and are unaware about menstrual hygiene devices like pads, tampons, menstrual cup, re-pad etc. 

I am passionate to work to create awareness and facilitate access and provide the products they need during periods, pregnancy & marriage so that they live with dignity and life free of myths taboos and are not dependent on family or others to fulfill their basic necessity and proper nutrition during periods & pregnancy specially.

It was an extremely enlightening experience to be a part of the distribution drive in the villages of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and being part and raising funds for the same has been a wonderful and great experience and I am glad that my efforts shall make a difference ! Kindly support me in my journey !

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