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Project gauseva

Project Gauseva for cow welfare with Sarthak Siddhi Gaushala for 40 cows many of whom who are rescued from slaughter houses etc which is managed by Sunil auti and his family who is a ST Conductor with maharashtra state transport

we have adopted this gaushala and with generous donations and continued support we have been able to donate the following items for gaushala along with regular dry and wet fodder chara

- vermicompost kits : For making compost manure from cow dung so that gaushala can earn and become self reliant and also use for farming

- fans : For cows and proper ventilation

- water pressure pump spray machine :

It will be used for cleaning and washing cows as well as gaushala

- haathgadis : two types of haathgaadi for picking and moving cow dung and transporting it to vermicompost kits

- Pulvariser machine : Electric machine to make superfine powder of cow dung which will be further used to make products like idols , agarbattis , ding cakes and many more

- Compost strainer : Heavy duty roller compost strainer machine to strain compost and then it is further packed and sold in local market .

we are happy to see the results and glad that we could be a part of this wonderful setup

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