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Inauguration of Chawar Community Learning Center – Project Shiksha

We are delighted to share the news of the inauguration of the Chawar Community Learning Center in Chawargaon village, Dist Mohla Manpur in Chhattisgarh, under our initiative Project Shiksha.

The inauguration took place on the auspicious occasion of Republic Day, January 26, with the presence of the village Deputy Sarpanch, Patel, Katri Dadaji school teacher Verma sir, Kaushik sir, children, and parents, totaling 150 attendees.

The center aims to assist children with their studies and overall development after their school . Center Manager Ravina Didi will provide guidance in reading, writing, local languages, subject teaching, and storytelling using various teaching materials and games.

Our efforts extend to alleviate hesitation and fear of studies among primary-level children through engaging activities such as games, drawing, songs, music, stories, and group learning. Local artists, elders, and youth will have the opportunity to share their experiences, fostering a sense of community involvement.

Given the challenges faced by parents in the village due to agricultural work and other commitments, our learning center endeavors to ensure every child receives education, reducing the risk of dropout.

This project is in collaboration with our partner Jankalyan Seva Sansthan for the local support & management .

This impactful project is made possible through the support and contributions of our donors. We sincerely thank them for being instrumental in bringing education to the remotest areas and helping children reach their full potential.

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