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Empowering Girls: Menstrual Hygiene Session at Maidam Vidyapeeth ME School, Basistha, Guwahati, Assam.

Under the Project Laadli conducted a significant menstrual hygiene session at Maidam Vidyapeeth ME School in Basistha, Guwahati, Assam.


The session provided detailed information about the menstrual cycle, the importance of menstrual hygiene, and how to manage it effectively. Various menstrual products such as sanitary pads, cloth pads, menstrual cups, and tampons were demonstrated, ensuring the girls are aware of their options.


An engaging question and answer session allowed the girls to clear their doubts and learn more about menstrual health in a safe and supportive environment. Guidance on the intake of iron and vitamin C was provided to help manage menstruation healthily and nutritionally.

More than 70 enthusiastic students were the part of this session. A Menstrupedia Comic  was also distributed among the students.


A heartfelt thank you to our partner Swastika Foundation for this incredible partnership.

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