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Student Leadership Programme : NMMC Schools Navi Mumbai

IDF SLP flagship program with students of NMMC schools for grade 9 .

Schools : NMMC schools in Navi Mumbai Students trained : 800 Total Volunteers : 25

Total Volunteering Hours : 400

We do good and then feel very good .

Student Leadership Programme a flagship project by IDF was conducted for NMMC schools in colaboration with Pagaria Welfare Foundation . 25 mentors were highly dedicated and committed for their great efforts of volunteering to instill leadership skills with the youth . Pooja Singhvi , Asha Soni , Hema Bafna , Khushbu Bafna , Monica Jain , Meena chandaliya , Sheetal Daga , Biswajit Sen , Nikhit Raj & Shweta were excellent presenters and were very happy to contribute their time and skills for SLP .

The josh is always high.There are many students who are ready to become a leader,

they are ready to learn, they have that will to bring a change in them and in the society.

They just need someone to provide them with the right knowledge, someone to motivate and encourage them.This was effectively done by the entire team with the support of school staff.Certificates were distrubuted on the last day of the course .

The entire co ordination & management was done by team pagaria welfare foundation . #idfslp #youth #leadership #maharshtra

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