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Student Leadership Programme : Gotan Rajasthan

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

IDF SLP flagship program with students in Gotan village .

School : Lal Bahdur Shastri School Gotan Rajasthan

Leadership is not a position or title,it is action and example.

Student Leadership Programme completed at LBS, Gotan thanks to IDF Gotan, Social Ambassador Vaidhei Pagaria Ji and all the four mentors Pooja Khatri, Mona Jain, Aarti Jain & Shilpa Lodha for extending their support.

The josh is always high.There are many students who are ready to become a leader,

they are ready to learn, they have that will to bring a change in them and in the society.

They just need someone to provide them with the right knowledge, someone to motivate and encourage them.

Had a superb mentorship training session with Bhuvan Malik Sir at LBS, Gotan, Rajasthan.

He thanked team pagaria welfare foundation you mam for coordinating,planning and doing the ground work and execution of the same . #idfslp #youth #leadership #rajasthan

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